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Initiatives for Occupational Safety and Health

To ensure that SECOM employees have a healthy mind and body and can engage in work with enthusiasm and passion, SECOM strives to manage employee health and create a comfortable workplace.

Basic concept and policies

SECOM’s safety systems are built upon the efforts of each employee. Therefore, we prioritize each employee to be healthy and work vigorously. Based on this concept, we enhance initiatives aiming at maintaining and increasing employee health conditions and creating a comfortable workplace.


In terms of occupational health, the Human Resources Department cooperates with the Health Promotion Office and SECOM Health Insurance Union to establish a system for comprehensive control for managing the occupation health of employees. Furthermore, initiatives for conducting nationwide occupational health activities and enabling each employee to perform their work duties energetically, vigorously, and with physical and mental health are implemented.

In terms of occupational safety, the Operation Department reviews the daily security services operations and takes a variety of initiatives for reducing any occupational safety risks which are discovered. The department develops procedures and maintains the appropriate condition of equipment in order to ensure safety, and works to improve driving techniques. Through these initiatives, we create a safe and comfortable workplace for employees.

Goals and results

As the result of actively providing specific health guidance implemented by the health insurance union, the ratio of employees requiring specific health guidance is decreasing. SECOM promotes the health management of employees with an aim to achieve the target of a 20.5% nationwide average as announced by the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies.

Ratio of employees requiring specific health guidance

Enhancement of systems for improving employee health

SECOM established the Health Promotion Office to maintain and improve employee health and overall occupational health physicians with extensive experience in the field of occupational health are stationed. Overall occupational health physician cooperate with the Human Resources Department and the Health Promotion Office to implement companywide measures and provide recommendations to SECOM Group companies and health instruction for employees, along with regional occupational doctors.

The Health Promotion Office homepage on our company intranet conveys information on employee health and lifestyle so as to maintain and improve employee health while serving as an integral part of employee lifestyle.

Consultant physicians with psychiatric expertise are stationed at the Health Promotion Office to make decisions regarding the resumption of work by employees who have experienced a mental disorder and provide follow-up after they return to work.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

At the monthly OH&S meetings throughout Japan, the committees address topics such as checking employee working hours, maintaining and improving employee health, improving the workplace environment, ensuring safety, and preventing risks to continually promote the safety and health of employees.

In fiscal 2017, OH&S meetings were held at offices nationwide. SECOM will continue to hold these meetings in the future.

Initiatives for managing and improving employee health

In order to protect the health of SECOM employees and their families, we conduct annual health examinations for employees, as well as health examinations for employees and family members for adulthood diseases. Furthermore, if the examination results indicate that hospital visits or medical treatment are required, SECOM provides individual instructions to those employees.

Since fiscal 2015, we have cooperated with the SECOM Health Insurance Union to establish a system that provides specific health guidance, which supports the improvement of lifestyle habits, to all employees who are at high risk for metabolic syndrome.

Since fiscal 2016, we have held the SECOM No-Smoking Navi, a no-smoking support program with participation from all employees and provided smoking-cessation aids free-of-charge to smokers who have decided to quit. Furthermore, we held examinations for sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) for employees in the security business whose work involves driving vehicles in order to discover risks of illness caused by SAS at an early stage. The symptoms may include drowsiness and decreased concentration, and may lead to complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, myocardial infarction, and strokes.

In February 2018, SECOM was certified as a “Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500)” as part of the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program held by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) and the Japan Health Organization (Nippon Kenko Kaigi). SECOM was recognized for our continuous initiatives as described above, which resulted in certifications 2 years in a row.

Initiatives to prevent long working hours

SECOM establishes systems and raises awareness to support employees in achieving their best performance by providing an environment where employees can work in good health with passion and a high level of concentration towards their duties.

In particular, in order to prevent long working hours, which has been a social issue in Japan, specialized staff are stationed in the Human Resources Department and other related departments. These staff members cooperate with managers throughout Japan to provide continued guidance on the management of and improvement in working hours.

Additionally, we have constructed mechanisms on our company intranet which enable managers to ascertain and check the time that employees arrive and leave from work on a daily basis. Through these measures, SECOM enables detailed management and guidance for working hours in each workplace.

At offices nationwide, to raise the awareness of each employee to regularly leave work on time, posters which encourage employees to leave work on time and to maintain health and manage their time appropriately are displayed.

As a result of these initiatives, the average overtime hours of general employees has been decreasing every year.

Awareness-raising poster

Initiatives for mental healthcare

The Human Resources Department and Health Promotion Office cooperate to provide mental health care for employees.

Based on the guidelines for maintaining and promoting the mental health of workers, set by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, SECOM has created the “Mental Health Care Plan.” We conduct stress check programs as well as arranging face-to-face interviews and trainings by psychiatrists and EAP counselors*.

SECOM has been performing independent stress checks before they became required by law in 2011. Since 2015, based on applicable laws, we have implemented the SECOM ANSHIN Stress Check Service for all employees.

Since 2012, SECOM has held mental health seminars by EAP counselors at branches throughout Japan. In fiscal 2017, we held communication trainings for managers in charge of operations and administration, and for managers of offices. We will continue these initiatives in the future.

  • EAP Counselor: EAP is an abbreviation for “Employee Assistance Program.” These counselors specialize in programs for supporting the mental health of employees.

Initiatives in the security services

High quality service cannot be provided if it were not for the protection of our employee’s safety. Accordingly, we have built a variety of mechanisms to ensure employee safety.

Initiatives to reduce employees’ occupational safety risks at our subscribers

To minimize the occupational safety and health risks associated with security services including on-line security systems, static guards, armored car services, SECOM accumulates know-how for each service, constructs distinctive mechanisms such as Systematic Behavior, Security Driving, and operation management systems so as to ensure the safety of our employees.

Moreover, among employees with a high level of skill, we select Top Support Leaders and have them stationed at each region to fulfill the role of instilling SECOM’s philosophy and Systematic Behavior throughout our organization. Additionally, office units serve as a base for initiatives to eliminate human error among daily work and to ensure employee safety.

At subscribers’ premises, we thoroughly examine and analyze risk factors such as building structure, characteristics of fire protection equipment, and presence of animals in advance and remind security personnel to be well-prepared to respond properly in case of emergency.

Additionally, in each security service division, SECOM holds nationwide contests regarding security operations and strives to strengthen the development of security staff.

Mechanisms for ensuring employee safety

Control center staff in charge of ensuring security staff’s safety

When an abnormal signal is received, control center staff dispatch emergency response personnel. Control center staff is trained to immediately identify abnormalities and make correct decisions and issue correct instructions to protect emergency response personnel from danger.

Systematic Behavior for ensuring safety

By utilizing our many years of experience, SECOM has established our distinctive Systematic Behavior so that employees can protect their own safety and the safety of customers.

For example, Systematic Behavior defines procedures for employees to safely respond to emergencies such as: methods for approaching subscribers’ premises, inspection and response upon encountering a suspicious individual. Employees undergo repeated training to enable fast and accurate response in the event of trouble.

In fiscal 2017, based on trends in crime prevention, etc., we shared information with employees and held e-learning programs. Moving forward, we will improve our Systematic Behavior and continue to ensure employee safety.

Periphery inspection based on Systematic Behavior

Periphery inspection based on Systematic Behavior

Security Driving for eliminating vehicle accidents

Our security businesses, which use many vehicles for a variety of work, pursue SECOM’s distinctive Security Driving. It aims to reduce vehicle accidents to zero so as to eliminate vehicle accidents which threaten the safety of society and to ensure the safety of security staff.

Security Driving promotes awareness to drivers to constantly interpret surrounding conditions calmly and to actively create a safe situation. Employees are trained in techniques such as anticipating the presence of people and other vehicles, ascertaining situations and preventing careless driving, and ensuring the safety for the vehicle and surrounding area before boarding the vehicle.

In fiscal 2014, in order to further instill Security Driving among our employees, we began operation of the Security Driving Trainer System. Security Driving Trainers who are appointed at each office hold activities to increase awareness towards safe driving, to eliminate accidents, and to eliminate traffic violations.

In September 2016, SECOM established the Safe Driving Promotion Office as an organization dedicated to eliminating vehicle accidents and traffic violations. In addition to strengthening activities to promote safe driving, the office promotes the implementation of drive recorders and vehicles equipped with automatic brakes.

In fiscal 2017, we installed drive recorders in all types of security vehicles. Also, to ensure the safety of surrounding vehicles, we affixed stickers that announce a drive recorder is equipped on applicable security vehicles. We strive to raise awareness among all drivers by utilizing tools that encourage safe driving.

In fiscal 2018, in order to heighten safety driving skills and awareness among our employees, we hold a nationwide contest for Security Driving.

Promoting Security Driving

Promoting Security Driving

Inspection of equipment, vehicles, etc., before starting work

Before starting work, security staff use an inspection sheet to check for any problems with protective equipment such as helmets, knife-proof and bullet-proof vests, security batons, and emergency call devices. Furthermore, supervisors also check that protective equipment is being worn correctly, and security staff are in a good health, etc. to ensure that our security staff are always deployed in the best possible condition.

Also, before using vehicles, security staff are always required to use a pre-driving inspection check sheet to perform safety confirmation that includes inspection for tire damage, proper functioning of brakes, and proper functioning of headlights, turn signals, and other lamps.

Always check using pointing and calling

In order to eliminate mistakes due to carelessness, etc., strict checks including the usage of the pointing and calling method are performed on a regular basis. We will strive to improve the quality of work by spreading the use of pointing and calling even further.

Safety checks at the time of security system inspection

When inspecting the security systems of subscribers’ buildings, each employee uses a “dedicated check sheet” to periodically inspect the equipment and devices which are used. Additional checks are then performed by supervisors so as to constantly maintain equipment and devices in the appropriate condition so that they can be safely used at any time.

Furthermore, SECOM has set internal rules for work which requires a particularly high level of caution; for example, work in high places and replacement of devices using AC 100V. Employees undergo education to ensure thorough compliance with these rules.

Initiatives of the Techno Service Headquarters —Management System for Occupational Health and Safety—

Techno Service Headquarters, which is in charge of constructing on-line security systems, maintaining buildings and facilities, constructing buildings and facilities, etc., establishes a management system for occupational health and safety. Techno Service Headquarters strives to improve occupational health and safety by cooperating with staff at subcontractors involved in construction and maintenance work with an aim to completely eliminate industrial accidents.

System for promoting occupational health and safety

In order to ensure employee safety and to maintain and improve employee health, the Techno Service Headquarters has established OH&S Committees* at branches. Every month, the committees check issues such as prevention of industrial accidents and vehicle accidents, and maintenance and improvement of employee health, and implement corrective measures as necessary.

Branches hold monthly OH&S Councils with staff at subcontractors involved in the construction of security systems and the maintenance, repair, and renovation of buildings and facilities. Also, OH&S General Meetings are held in each region once a year in an effort to reduce industrial accidents to zero.

In January 2018, the 2018 All-Japan OH&S General Meeting was held with participation from subcontractors throughout Japan. Moving forward, we will continually engage in safe and hygienic work, and strive to completely eliminate industrial accidents.

  • Depending on the size, there are some branches and offices where OH&S Subcommittees are established.
2018 All-Japan OH&S General Meeting

2018 All-Japan OH&S General Meeting

Initiatives for education on occupational health and safety

Based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act, the Techno Service Headquarters, which is in charge of building construction, systematically holds health and safety education for new employees, courses to educate promoters of safety and health, courses at the time of appointment for safety managers, and education for foremen and health and safety supervisors. Furthermore, in order to raise awareness regarding safety, a web manual for safe work and a related confirmation test are available on the company intranet. In fiscal 2017, approximately 1,400 employees participated in the e-learning course and passed the confirmation test.

Also, Safe Operation Handbook is distributed to our employees and subcontractors. The handbook lists basic items and points of caution for performing work safely, as well as information on related laws, etc. We also encourage our employees and subcontractors to increase their awareness regarding safe work. Moreover, we are working to improve the Safe Work Grade System, the standards for safe work and occupational safety and health, which was established together with subcontractors who handle construction.

In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, measures to prevent recurrence are implemented. Specifically, we have created a system for sharing information by sending an “Industrial Accident Report” and an “Industrial Accident Prevention Check Sheet (proposals to address close-call incidents, etc.)” to related departments.

SECOM will continue our initiatives to ensure the safety and health of our employees and the employees of subcontractors.

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