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Initiatives to Improve the Quality of Services and Products

In order to provide distinctive and high-quality services, SECOM has constructed structures for ensuring high level of safety and reliability through all process spanning from R&D to maintenance. SECOM constantly gains feedback from our customers and strives to further improve our service quality.

SECOM On-line Security System

Our security services business centers on the provision of on-line security systems, which includes the installation of sensors and other monitoring equipment and around-the-clock monitoring by a SECOM control center via telecommunications circuits. In the event an intruder, fire or other irregularity is detected, control center staff dispatch emergency response personnel from the nearest SECOM emergency depot and, if necessary, notify the police and/or fire department.

Instead of simply selling and installing security devices, SECOM’s services include monitoring and emergency response. This breadth of service is based on our conviction that “true safety can only be provided by conducting emergency response and ensuring the safety of our customer.” Based on this belief, SECOM constantly gains feedback from our customers and strives to further improve our service quality.

As a result, SECOM’s On-line Security System with on-site response is highly recognized by customers in Japan and throughout the world. The system possesses the highest number of contracts in the world.

Around-the-clock monitoring by a SECOM control center

Total Package System

SECOM has established the Total Package System as a unique integrated service framework for providing high-quality security systems. The SECOM Group handles everything, including R&D, production, marketing, security planning, equipment installation, around-the-clock monitoring, emergency response services and maintenance, which ensures the exceptional quality and reliability of our services.

SECOM takes responsibility for all facets of this integrated system, ensuring system reliability and performing trustworthy operation and management as a security professional. We strive to achieve high level of security, as well as to further improve the quality of our services.

We also principally use a rental format, which means that we take responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of security equipment, guaranteeing both the quality and stability of our services.

Emergency response staff trained as security professionals

Business process SECOM’s initiatives for improving quality
Research and development
  • Research on fundamental technology
  • Develop innovative services and products
  • Guarantee safety based on the SECOM Group Equipment Standard Specifications
  • Ascertain technological trends and social issues and needs
  • Incorporate customer requests/opinions into modification of equipment for improvement of operability and safety
  • Ensure quality by process auditing and on-site inspection at the equipment manufacturing department and outsourcing companies
  • Appropriately describe and disclose information related to product quality and safety
  • Comply with the Product Liability (PL) Act and other related laws
Equipment manufacturing
  • Based on SECOM Group Equipment Standard Specifications which pursue high quality, safety, and reliability
  • Comply with the Green Design Guidelines, which include SECOM’s distinctive and strict criteria for prohibiting the use of hazardous substances
  • Construct and operate high-quality management system at Secom Industries Co., Ltd., our equipment manufacturing department (ISO9001 certified)
Sales/Security planning
  • Provide customers with information on optimal services/products which meet customer needs
  • Appropriate sales activities
  • Use easy-to-understand language and accurate information display on packages, advertisements, etc.
  • Plan security services that consider the privacy of subscribers and neighbors
Device installation/maintenance
  • Manage safety based on the Safe Work Handbook
  • Comply strict installation criteria
  • Create easy-to-understand instruction manuals, etc., for correct usage
  • Explain in detail about the usage of security systems to customers
Around-the-clock monitoring and response
  • Organize Operation Control System (SECOM Control Center, COCO-SECOM Operation Center, SECOM Customer Service Center, etc.)
  • Establish structure to prepare for wide-area and large-scale disasters
Emergency response
  • Practice systematic behavior that provide reliable security
  • Dispatch highly-trained safety professionals
  • Drive safely based on “security driving rules”
  • Appoint Top Support Leaders

Initiatives for improving skills and services

In order to provide customers with high-quality security services, SECOM strives to cultivate human resources who perform as “security professionals” that seek further improvements in their job performance, their technical skills, and their customer service.

Grade Education System

As security professionals, it is necessary for SECOM security staff* to acquire practical knowledge for use in work, high-level technical skills, and the ability to perform work precisely. Therefore, SECOM has implemented “Grade Education” to heighten security staffs’ knowledge and skills required for work. Based on evaluations performed in a timely manner, staff are assigned grades ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 4. Each staff member seeks to reach the highest level of Grade 4, which is a certification as a true professional, by improving their knowledge and skills on a daily basis. The results of evaluations are reflected in salaries and promotions.

  • Security staff: Those who work on-site to provide security services, including emergency response personnel, full-time static guards, and cash escort personnel.

Systematic Behavior Contest

“Systematic Behavior” is a series of behaviors defined for security staff to ensure customer safety and their own safety. SECOM has used its many years of experience to establish distinctive Systematic Behavior. With an aim to provide customers with peace-of-mind and to prevent crime, our security staff undergo daily training on Systematic Behavior and strive to improve their skills.

To confirm the results of daily training, SECOM held the Systematic Behavior Contest, which certifies the No. 1 staff member in fiscal 2017. Top finishers were awarded according to our internal awards system and the contest results were reflected in their promotions.

The Systematic Behavior Contest is held as a part of human resources cultivation aimed at providing high quality security services

The Systematic Behavior Contest assesses the results of daily Systematic Behavior training

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