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Initiatives to Address Consumer Issues

SECOM focuses on the perspective of “For what we create,” rather than “Creating what.” We possess a strong will for society of asking “What is required” to create better society and further happiness among people, and conduct distinctive measures to achieve this vision.

Basic concept and policies

With an objective to continually provide high-quality services to society, SECOM conducts following approaches:

1) Approaches for improving the quality of services and products
2) Communication with customers

In order to provide safety and peace of mind through our distinctive security services, SECOM develops high-quality products and strives to improve the skills of each employee with an emphasis on human resources development, which directly affects on the quality of services. Moreover, by constantly engaging in close communication with customers, we reflect opinions and requests into the development and improvement of products, thus leading to the resolution of consumer issues.


Our Total Package System, which is to provide integrated online security system, is operated through mutual cooperation and ceaseless improvement among the R&D department, manufacturing department, sales department, installation department, control centers, and general administrative department. Additionally, we strive to improve service quality and develop new products by appropriately incorporating opinions, etc., received by customer service centers and staff who specialize in promoting customer satisfaction and who are charged with visiting customers to gain feedback. Furthermore, the Personal Market Promotion Division conducts a post-usage satisfaction survey for customers who subscribed for home security systems. The results of this survey are used to improve the quality of systems and services, explanation of the service, and administrative procedures.

Goals and results

SECOM has worked to develop new home security products—one of our priority strategic markets—and released SECOM Home Security NEO, a flexible home security system in which our customer’s requests are reflected.

Furthermore, as an index for improving customer satisfaction, we strive to respond by the next business day to 100% of requests from new subscribers for SECOM Home Security. In particular, a large portion of these customer requests is for explanation on how to operate SECOM Home Security. SECOM aims to completely prevent the need for customers to make repeated requests for such explanation. In order to achieve this goal, we are working to enhance the skills of each staff member, create instruction manuals from a customer perspective, and improve the operability of equipment.

Goals of Fiscal 2017 Results of Fiscal 2017
Target #1 Respond by the next business day to 100% of requests Response rate: 100%
Target #2 Completely prevent repeated requests for explanation on how to operate SECOM Home Security 5.8% (ratio of customers issuing repeated requests)
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