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Communication with Customers

Through provision of various services, SECOM gains feedback from customers and utilizes these opinions to improve services and equipment and to develop new systems and products.

Communication with Customers

Responding to customer inquiries at the SECOM customer service center

The SECOM customer service center provides telephone response to customer requests and inquiries for SECOM systems, services, and products. Because we have many foreign customers living in Japan, staff who can speak English are assigned and a system to respond to inquiries from foreign residents is organized.

We receive approximately 1.9 million requests and inquiries from customers every year. In addition to providing response from a customer perspective and holding education to increase product knowledge, SECOM uses a variety of indexes* to improve service quality.

  • One example is our index for telephone response speed: “Ratio of response within 10 seconds of receiving a telephone call (response ratio within 10 seconds)” was 79.7% in fiscal 2017.

Inquiries to SECOM customer service center and breakdown of inquiries
(fiscal 2017: 1,928,383 inquiries)

Inquiries to SECOM customer service center and breakdown of inquiries
SECOM customer service center —contact points for customer inquiries

SECOM customer service center—contact points for customer inquiries

Visiting customers throughout Japan by staff who specialize in promoting customer satisfaction

To improve the quality of services provided to subscribers, SECOM has positioned throughout Japan our staff who specialize in promoting customer satisfaction and who are charged with visiting customers to gain feedback. Staff make door-to-door visits to customers to provide information that is useful for them and quickly respond to their requests, which will improve customer satisfaction.

Making on-site visits to customer enables us to accurately ascertain changes in customer needs and to sense customer expectations toward SECOM, which leads to creation of new services and products. Moving forward, SECOM strives to improve customer satisfaction by continuing to visit customers with hospitality and respond to the daily expectations of customers, not just to troubles experienced by customers.

Staff make on-site visits to subscribers and listen to requests.

Holding a customer questionnaire for SECOM Home Security

Since December 2017, we have conducted a questionnaire on customer satisfaction to new subscribers for SECOM Home Security. The questionnaire consists of seven evaluation categories such as “response by salespeople and security staff” and “ease of understanding explanations and procedures.”

The responsible departments respond quickly to individual requests. Results of questionnaire analysis are provided as feedback to related departments. Feedbacks are reflected to improving daily operation as well as enhancing service quality, improving installation method, developing new services, etc.

Separately, the questionnaire uses an NPS* to measure the degree of trust from customers. In fiscal 2017, the NPS for SECOM Home Security Service was 7.1 points.

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): An index for numerically expressing customer royalties (the degree of attachment and trust towards a brand).

Results of customer satisfaction questionnaire (questionnaires collected from December 2017 to March 2018)

Customer opinions are the driving force in expanding service

New services and new products are born from the opinions and requests received from customers. For example, communication with customers led to the miniaturization of equipment and addition of new functions for SECOM Home Security NEO.

SECOM Home Security NEO
A compact desktop controller modified based on customer needs

A compact desktop controller modified based on customer needs

Based on customer needs, the controller was modified into a compact desktop design. The new controller can be freely placed by the customer, providing even more comfortable and convenient use.

Furthermore, in response to requests for operability from smartphones, we developed the SECOM Home Security App. In addition to enabling confirmation of home security conditions via a smartphone when outside the home, the app also makes security operation possible.

Chie Bukuro (Knowledge Bag) in the field
SECOM Chie Bukuro

In order to create services which match the rapidly-changing society and needs of customers and to create pioneering new services, SECOM recognizes the importance of the opinions of customers and the ideas of employees who interact with customers on a daily basis.

Consequently, in April 2017, we opened the SECOM Chie Bukuro (Knowledge Bag) website on our company intranet. The website is used to collect information from employees who interact with customers on a daily basis and to facilitate free and active exchange of opinions. This leads to the improvement of quality of services and products and the creation of new services.

19 topics were proposed on Chie Bukuro in fiscal 2017. Proposals covered a wide range including new services for homes, ideas for increasing the efficiency of internal administrative work, and opinions regarding promotional sales tools. The number of responses by employees exceeded 13,000. The number of “That’s Nice!” responses to express agreement with opinions and ideas was approximately 20,000, which indicate the vibrant exchange of opinions.

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