SECOM Global Business

Security services offered in 13 countries and territories.
Companies in the SECOM Group are now found in 17 countries and territories

40 years of experience since SECOM first expanded operations overseas in 1978.
In Asia, in Europe, in Oceania and in America—Our high-quality services support your company.

  • Taiwan


    • Security(SECOM)
    • Fire Protection(Nohmi Bosai)
  • Korea


    • Security(SECOM)
  • China


    • Security(SECOM)
    • Fire Protection(Nohmi Bosai)
  • Thailand


    • Security(SECOM)
    • Geospatial Information(PASCO)
  • Myanmar


    • Security(SECOM)
  • Malaysia


    • Security(SECOM)
  • Singapore


    • Security(SECOM)
  • Indonesia


    • Security(SECOM)
    • Geospatial Information(PASCO)
  • Vietnam


    • Security(SECOM)
    • Fire Protection(Nittan)
  • Philippines


    • Geospatial Information(PASCO)
  • India


    • Fire Protection(Nohmi Bosai)
    • Medical(SECOM Medical System)
  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom

    • Security(SECOM)
    • Fire Protection(Nittan)
  • Sweden


    • Fire Protection(Nittan)
  • Turkey


    • Security(SECOM)
  • Australia


    • Security(SECOM)
  • New Zealand

    New Zealand

    • Security(SECOM)
  • United States

    United States

    • Other

SECOM Group provides “security and peace of mind” overseas
Our high-quality services support your business

We Provide Security Services in the “SECOM brand”
The Japan-Made Security Brings Peace of Mind to the World

Beginning with the expansion into Taiwan in 1978, SECOM has brought “security and peace of mind” to the world. The followings are the keys as to how SECOM conduct overseas operations;

  1. (1) Offer on-line security systems in our unique “Total Package System”
  2. (2) Assuming full responsibility for expansion market businesses that we have either acquired or partnered with through joint ventures
  3. (3) Thus providing security in the “SECOM brand”
    The quality of safety and sense of security derived from our style differs from one that simply offers consulting or an affiliation.

Currently, Secom Group operate business in 17 countries and territories, and we provide the “SECOM brand” on-line security systems with emergency response in 13 countries and territories, including Asia, Europe and Oceania. Currently our clients for on-line security systems count up to 3,512,000, and we are the world’s leading provider of on-line security systems with emergency response *.

  • * Based on the number of contracts for our on-line security system with emergency response (according to an in-house study)

SECOM’s Worldwide Activities

  • [Taiwan] Emergency response vehicle of Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd.
  • [Korea] S-1 control center
  • [China] Control center of Beijing Jingdun Secom Electronic Security Co., Ltd.
  • [China] Emergency responder from Shanghai Secom Security Co., Ltd.
  • [Thailand] Emergency responder from Thai Secom Security CO., LTD.
  • [Malaysia] Emergency responder from Secom (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
  • [Singapore] Emergency response vehicle of Secom (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
  • [Indonesia] Emergency response vehicle of PT. Secom Indonesia
  • [United Kingdom] Emergency response vehicle of SECOM Plc
  • [Australia] Control center of Secom Australia Pty. Ltd.
  • [New Zealand] Emergency response vehicle of Secom Guardall NZ Ltd.

Beyond Security, Taking the “ALL SECOM” Appeal Overseas

The business fields of SECOM Group overseas extend beyond “security services” to a variety of services that provide "security and peace of mind".
“Fire protection services”, “Medical services”, “Geospatial information services” and “BPO and ICT services” have been fused into a deeper and broader synergy of “security and peace of mind”. Based on this unique approach of “ALL SECOM” concept, SECOM Group is working together.
The domestic and overseas players of SECOM Group work together and deal with any requests from your company, whether received on location or in Japan.

  • Nohmi Bosai fire protection system installed in major overseas facilities(Fire protection services)
  • Sakra World Hospital, first general hospital in India operating under a joint venture between Japanese and local industries(Medical services)

Features of International Operations of the SECOM Group

Below is an introduction to the features of the security services, fire protection services, geospatial information services and medical services that the SECOM Group is expanding internationally.

Security (SECOM)

Expansion markets (Security services)

The “SECOM-style” On-line Security Systems are Highly Accepted and Number 1 in the World*

Beginning with Taiwan in 1978, SECOM’s security services have expanded to 13 countries and territories, including Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.
Instead of a “sales style”, where security equipment is simply sold, we have insisted on the “SECOM-style”, where all services necessary to provide on-line security services are completed in-house. As a result, the “SECOM-style” is highly rated in each country and SECOM Group has been recognized as “one of the most unique and highest quality security industry groups that utilizes high technology”.

* Based on the number of contracts for our on-line security system with emergency response (according to an in-house study)

  • Control center of Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd.
  • Emergency responder from Beijing Jingdun Secom Electronic Security Co., Ltd. conducting an outside inspection

Fire Protection (Nohmi Bosai,Nittan)

Expansion markets (Fire protection services)

Japanese-Quality Fire Protection Systems Protecting the Safety of Major World Facilities

Nohmi Bosai Ltd., the fire protection service provider within SECOM Group, has been highly recognized for its fire protection systems in Japan. It started full-scale overseas expansion in 1990s, when major Japanese construction companies undertook construction projects in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Currently it provides Japanese quality fire protection systems to various facilities mainly in Asian countries such as Taiwan, China, Singapore and India.
Nittan Co., Ltd., which joined the SECOM Group in April 2012, is actively engaged in wide-ranging overseas expansion with offices in three countries: the United Kingdom, Sweden, Vietnam. It was the second Japanese manufacturer to start business in the UK in 1972, allowing the company to gain a large amount of experience, especially in Europe.

  • Nohmi Bosai manufactures fire protection systems in not only Japan but also Shanghai
  • Nohmi Bosai conducting a fire extinguishing test
  • Nittan fire protection equipment installed at various overseas facilities

Medical(SECOM Medical System)

Expansion markets (Medical services)

India’s First General Hospital Operating Under a Joint Venture Between Japanese and Local Industries

SECOM Medical System Co., Ltd., together with the Toyota Tsusho Corporation and the Kirloskar Group in India, opened a general hospital in Bangalore (in the southwestern part of South India) in March 2014. Based upon medical services know-how cultivated in Japan, the hospital operates under a joint venture between Japanese and local industries—the first of its kind in India.

  • Sakra World Hospital

Geospatial Information(PASCO)

Expansion markets (Geospatial Information services)

Providing Geospatial Information Services Worldwide as the Foundation of Human Life

Responsible for the geospatial information services of the SECOM Group, PASCO Corporation acquired its first subsidiary,the Finnish surveying company Finnmap in 2004 and has further expanded operations in that field, having currently established locations in 3 countries, including the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. Leveraging its strengths to provide integrated services from utilizing satellites and aircraft for the collection of spatial information required for map creation to processing and selling data, PASCO provides geospatial information services that are the foundation for people all over the world to lead a prosperous life.

  • Synthetic aperture radar surveying satellite TerraSAR-X (C) EADS Astrium
  • Conducting a survey with local staff using proprietary know-how overseas


Expansion markets (BPO and ICT services)

Operating contact centers in China and the Philippines, providing high-quality BPO services

Responsible for the BPO and ICT services within the SECOM Group, TMJ, Inc started providing BPO services in China in 2002. It offers a wide range of consulting services such as planning and management of contact center.
In addition, it expanded into the Philippines to deploy BPO focusing on offshore services such as call center/back office operations for Japanese companies in 2015. It aims for further development as a core base in ASEAN region.

  • Contact center of Value Communication Services (Shanghai), Inc.
  • Operators at TMJP BPO Services