Popularizing the First On-line Security System in Taiwan to Become the Leading Provider of Security Services

Established in 1978 as SECOM’s first overseas subsidiary, Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd. (SECOM) was the first provider of on-line security systems in Taiwan. In addition, Nohmi Taiwan Ltd. (Nohmi Bosai) provide fire protection services in the country.


Services available in Taiwan
Fire Protection
(Nohmi Bosai)

Security (SECOM)

Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd. was established in 1978 as SECOM’s first overseas subsidiary. As with SECOM in Japan, Taiwan Secom is the leading provider of security services in Taiwan, offering a wide range of security services, from home security to safety management systems for large-scale facilities. In big cities such as Taipei, the SECOM stickers can be seen throughout the neighborhoods, just like in Japan. In 1993, the company was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

Location of headquarters
Company name
Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd.
Year of establishment
Joint venture partners
Goldsun Group
Services provided
Corporate on-line security systems, home security, safety equipment sales, static guard, cash transportation
Emergency depots
  • Control center of Taiwan Secom
  • Emergency response vehicle of Taiwan Secom
  • Taiwan Secom subscriber

Fire Protection(Nohmi Bosai)

Headquartered in Taipei with a production plant in Taoyuan County, Nohmi Taiwan conducts operations from sales to the design, installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment in Taiwan. It has provided fire protection systems for the Taoyuan International Airport, and in recent years it has been offering the best fire protection systems and various services to a number of office buildings and commercial complexes.

Location of headquarters
Company name
Nohmi Taiwan Ltd.
Year of establishment
Services provided
Manufacturing, design, installation, sales and maintenance of fire protection equipment
  • Nohmi Bosai fire protection system installed at various facilities in Taiwan
  • Taiwan Nohmi Bosai headquarters in Taipei
  • Production plant in Taoyuan County (Taiwan)