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United Kingdom


Providing Security to a Steadily Rising Number of Important Facilities in the United Kingdom, One of the “Security-Advanced Countries”

Established in 1996 with the merging of Secom Carroll PLC and Ambassador Security Group PLC, Secom PLC provides on-line security systems all across the UK. In addition, Nittan Europe Ltd., providing fire protection services, operates as an European base for Nittan.


Services available in United Kingdom
Fire Protection

Security (SECOM)

Secom PLC provides various services, including on-line security systems, throughout the UK. In 2007, the company was selected to provide security systems for counterterrorism police facilities at the new terminal at Heathrow Airport and two new railway stations for the Eurostar high-speed train. That same year, it was awarded the 2007 Security Excellence Award—equivalent to the Oscar in the British security industry—for the best customer care initiative. Secom PLC receives high evaluation from customers, and it has been appointed by government agencies and major companies. It also started security services for megabanks in 2011, 2,000 branches for RBS Bank and 1,500 for HSBC.

Location of headquarters
Company name
Secom PLC
Year of establishment
Services provided
Corporate on-line security systems, home security, remote video surveillance systems, system integration, safety equipment sales
  • Control center of Secom PLC
  • Emergency response vehicle of Secom PLC
  • Emergency responder from Secom PLC

Fire Protection(Nittan)

Established in 1972 as a sales and production location in suburban London, Nittan Europe Ltd. focuses on producing and selling smoke detectors and heat detectors for the European, African and Middle Eastern markets. In December 2011, the company changed its name to Nittan Europe Ltd. with the aim of enhancing European business management functionality.

Location of headquarters
Company name
Nittan Europe Ltd.
Year of establishment
Services provided
Production and sales of smoke detectors and heat detectors
  • Headquarters of Nittan Europe
  • Fire detectors provided by Nittan Europe
  • The four-star Brooklands Hotel in London equipped with a fire protection system


Selling Fire Alarms Mainly in Scandinavian Countries

Established in Gothenburg in 2015 as a fire alarm system distributor for the Nittan Group, CN Scandinavia AB sells fire alarm systems mainly in Scandinavian countries.

Services available in Sweden
Fire Protection

Fire Protection (Nittan)

CN Scandinavia AB provides the latest fire alarm systems to various types of buildings, including hotels, offices, stadiums, schools, hospitals and wind power generation facilities. The company protects people from fire in numerous buildings, from small-/medium-size facilities to large-scale facilities.

Location of headquarters
Office name
CN Scandinavia AB
Year of establishment
Services provided
Fire alarm system sales
  • Headquarters of CN Scandinavia AB
  • Fire alarm receiver provided by CN Scandinavia AB