From Coastal to Inland Areas, Realizing the Largest Security Network in China

Beginning with Beijing in 1992, SECOM has opened multiple offices, from coastal to inland areas.
Nohmi Bosai also provides fire protection services, while PASCO provides geospatial information services in the country.


Services available in China
Fire Protection
(Nohmi Bosai)

Security (SECOM)

SECOM established a holding company, Secom (China) Co., Ltd., in Beijing in 1992. A security company was then established in Dalian as a joint venture with local industries, and started on-line security service for corporate subscribers for the first time in China.
Later, security services were offered in major coastal cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, then expanded to inland cities such as Chengdu and Xian. Currently, we have 13 companies in 20 cities, forming the largest security network in China. SECOM Group also has a manufacturing base for security equipment in Shanghai. We continue to supply quality equipment and respond to the diverse needs of customers in China.

Company name
Location / Year of establishment
Secom (China) Co., Ltd.
Beijing / 1992
Dalian Secom Security Co., Ltd.
Dalian / 1993
Shanghai Secom Security Co., Ltd.
Shanghai / 1995
Beijing Jingdun Secom Electronic Security Co., Ltd.
Beijing / 1995
Qingdao Secom Security Co., Ltd.
Qingdao / 1997
Guangdong Jinpeng Secom Security Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou / 2005
Tianjin Jindun Secom Security Co., Ltd.
Tianjin / 2005
Fujian Secom Security Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou / 2008
Shaanxi Secom Security Co., Ltd.
Xian / 2009
Sichuan Secom Security Co., Ltd.
Chengdu / 2009
Zhejiang Secom Security Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou / 2009
Liaoning Secom Security Co., Ltd
Shenyang / 2009
Jiangsu Secom Security Co., Ltd.
Nanjing / 2016
Services provided
Corporate on-line security systems, home security, safety equipment sales, static guard
Emergency depots
  • Control center of Beijing Jingdun Secom
  • Emergency responder and emergency response vehicle from Beijing Jingdun Secom
  • Emergency responder from Beijing Jingdun Secom conducting an outside inspection

Fire Protection (Nohmi Bosai)

With factory headquarters in Shangai, Shanghai Nohmi Secom manufactures fire protection and security equipment, sells equipment in the Chinese market and exports to Japan and the United States. It manufactures a wide range of fire protection and security equipment for various locations from large public facilities, such as the Shanghai TV Tower, National Centre for the Performing Arts and Shenzhen Airport, to office buildings, commercial complexes, manufacturing plants and tunnels.

Company name
Shanghai Nohmi Secom Fire Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.
Location of headquarters
Year of establishment
Services provided
Manufacturing, sales, servicing and export of fire protection and security equipment
  • Headquarters of Shanghai Nohmi Secom
  • Factory in Shanghai developing fire protection equipment to meet local needs
  • Fire protection system of Shanghai Nohmi Secom assuring the “safety and security” of the Shenzhen Airport in Shenzhen, Guangdong province

Geospatial Information(PASCO)

PASCO China Corporation provides prompt, high-quality spatial information services throughout China.
As the leading 3S (RS+GIS+SOLUTION) business in China, the company develops systems for fire protection, smart cities, cloud computing and location-based services (LBS).
In addition, a vehicle management system developed in collaboration with Secom (China) Co., Ltd. came in second for the 2012 outstanding GIS award from the China Association for Geospatial Information System.

Company name
PASCO China Corporation
Year of establishment
Services provided
Remote sensing (satellite data sales and developing processing technology), GIS solutions, consulting
  • Came in second for the 2012 outstanding GIS award in China