Providing Corporate Security Services

In 2013, Myanmar Secom Co., Ltd. was established in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar.


Services available in Myanmar

Security (SECOM)

Myanmar Secom Co., Ltd. provides security services in Myanmar, a country with significant economic growth, where many Japanese companies start operations.

Location of headquarters
Company name
Myanmar Secom Co., Ltd.
Year of establishment
Services provided
Corporate on-line security systems, safety equipment sales, static guard services
  • Control center of Myanmar Secom
  • Emergency responder from Myanmar Secom


Recognized as a Leader in the Geospatial Information Field in the Philippines

PASCO Philippines Corporation is recognized as a leading business in the GIS (geospatial information systems) and mapping fields throughout the Philippines.

Services available in Philippines

Geospatial Information(PASCO)

For more than 20 years, PASCO Philippines Corporation has provided services incorporating new technologies and trained staff. The company has expanded to hold 500 employees with services offered 24 hours a day to meet our customer’s requirements for low cost, short terms and high quality.

Location of headquarters
Company name
PASCO Philippines Corporation
Year of establishment
Services provided
GIS (geospatial information systems), mapping
  • PASCO Philippines office
  • Competent staff from all over the Philippines


Providing the Latest Fire Protection Equipment and Operating a General Hospital to Save Life in India

Nohmi Bosai (India) Pvt. Ltd. was established in Gurgaon, situated in suburban New Delhi. Through fire protection check-ups and consulting, the company offers the latest and best fire protection equipment.

Services available in India
Fire Protection
(Nohmi Bosai)
(Secom Medical System)

Fire Protection (Nohmi Bosai)

Offering the best fire protection equipment for the Indian market, Nohmi Bosai (India) Pvt. Ltd. handles fire protection systems for a number of the power plants and transportation facilities (such as subways), which are part of an infrastructure that is expanding due to rapid economic development.

Location of headquarters
Company name
Nohmi Bosai (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Year of establishment
Services provided
Design, installation, sales and maintenance of fire protection equipment
  • Nohmi Bosai fire protection system installed at various facilities in India
  • Discussing the design of safer fire protection equipment

Medical(Secom Medical System)

Opening the First General Hospital Operating Under a Joint Venture in India

Takshasila Hospitals Operating Private Limited was established as a joint venture of Secom Medical System Co., Ltd., Toyota Tsusho Corporation and the Kirloskar Group in India. In March 2014, it opened a general hospital operating under a joint venture between Japanese and local industries-the first of this type in India-in Bangalore, the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka, in the southwest.

Location of headquarters
Eastern part of Bangalore, India
Hospital name
Sakra World Hospital
General hospital with 6 core centers (neurosciences, cardiac sciences, digestive and HPB sciences, orthopedics, renal sciences, and women and child health) and the following 17 specialties: Internal medicine, otorhinolaryngology, radiology, rheumatology, anesthesiology, endocrinology and diabetes, ophthalmology, psychiatry, dermatology, respiratory medicine, orthopedics, emergency medicine, dentistry, rehabilitation, blood transfusion, nutrition, and clinical examination
Number of beds
  • Sakra World Hospital