The SECOM Group continuously strives for the realization of the Social System Industry.

Security services

Based on our abundant experience and know-how, we are developing on-line security systems and innovative security products that integrate computer networks and human resources.

Fire protection services

We are developing and providing the most suitable fire protection system for each facility in order to protect, above all, human life as well as property and various lifelines, such as transportation systems, electricity, water and gas.

Medical services

In order to improve the quality of life for patients, we offer a variety of medical services to support recovery.

Insurance services

By integrating crime/fire protection, medical, and information services with insurance, we provide a complete, high-quality services for peace of mind.

Geographic information services

With our ability of measuring, consulting and utilizing system technologies, we offer shapes of maps that are never seen before. Services are available for a variety of fields.

Information and communication related services

We offer complete information network services centering on “safety” and “security”, such as for information security and BCP (Business Continuity Planning)

Real estate development and sales

We offer condos that have integrated SECOM’s security systems and other services for the residents' peace of mind.

Global Business

Global Business

With about 840,000 overseas contracts, we provide high-quality security services in the United Kingdom, Oceania and various Asian countries.

Group support services

Various services are offered by travel agencies and specialized benefit providers who are members of the SECOM Group.