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COCO-SECOM, mobile security system for individuals & vehicles
COCO-SECOM uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and cellular telephone base stations to pinpoint locations with an accuracy of within five to 10 meters under optimum circumstances. Emergency response personnel are on standby round-the-clock for dispatch to any location if a subscriber requests assistance-a level of service facilitated by SECOM's unique security services capabilities. COCO-SECOM services were initially developed to locate people and vehicles. Today, we also offer services for locating cash and valuables cases, safes, automated teller machines (ATMs) and pets, as well as for simultaneously tracking commercial vehicle fleets and employees.
Today, COCO-SECOM is attracting attention as a mobile security system for individuals. For instance, COCO-SECOM is an effective means to prevent child disappearances and abductions, Also, it can be utilized for other applications by anyone including foreigners who might face troubles outside.

COCO-SECOM Location and Emergency Response System