2. Security Service for Business

SECOM Standard of safe living

Security Services for the business scenes

As a pioneer and leader of security services in Japan, SECOM offers various quality services for your business.

Centralized (on-line) security systems

Centralized (on-line) security systems are configured with on-site sensors and controllers that detect intruders, fires and equipment malfunctions.
These are linked by telecommunications circuits to SECOM control centers,where they are monitored around the clock. When an emergency occurs at a customer's premises, the information is transmitted to our control centers, which notify emergency response personnel to take the appropriate measures and when necessary notify the police or fire department. Regardless of the size of the facilities, our various centralized security systems enable us to provide the optimum solution for you.
To ensure the quality of our services, we have established an integrated process that enables us to maintain control of every aspect of our services,from the research and development of centralized systems and equipment to manufacturing, sales and marketing, installation, round-the-clock monitoring, emergency dispatches, and maintenance and repairs.

Self-contained (off-line) security systems

Our proprietary systems are self-contained, facilitating monitoring at the subscriber's premises, rather than remotely, through a combination of on-site patrols and electronic security and equipment management systems.

Security products

Products include access-control systems, closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, automated fire detection and extinguishing systems, and internal and external monitoring systems that can be used alone or connected to on-line security systems.

Other Service

  • Static Guard Service
  • Armored Car Services